Embrace Nature with Every Flower and Branch

Discover Ikebana with Purpose

Join Ilse, a dedicated quiet activist, on a mission to connect with nature, one flower and branch at a time.

Ikebana: A Journey

Our video platform isn't just about learning ikebana; it's about embracing a philosophy where humanity and nature exist in harmony. Whether you're a beginner exploring ikebana for the first time, an intermediate practitioner refining your skills, or a teacher seeking deeper insights, our platform offers a journey for everyone.

Embrace the Ikebana Journey: Choose Your Path

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Why Choose Our Journey:

  • Cultural Depth: Dive deep into the world of ikebana, not just as an art form but as a lifestyle that honors nature's rhythm.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Ilse's extensive experience as she guides you through each step of your ikebana journey.
  • Flexible Learning: With over 500 videos and personalized coaching in our Golden Video Subscription, cater your learning experience to your pace and preference.
  • Join Our Community: Be part of a global movement that values creativity, mindfulness, and a profound connection with nature.

Share your journey with like-minded individuals who see ikebana as a way to slow down and savor life.

Your Instructor

Ilse Beunen is an Ikebana teacher for more than 30 years. She fell in love with Ikebana during her 11 years stay in Japan where she mastered the art of Sogetsu Ikebana. She shares her ikebana adventures and creations on her Facebook page with more than 27.000 followers, and in her weekly newsletter, delivered to more than 17.000 readers.

She is passionate about Ikebana and started an online video channel to spread ikebana teachings and philosophy, which is so much more than putting flowers in a vase. Currently, other teachers are following her international workshops and online courses.

Ilse is the former chairperson of the Sogetsu Ikebana Studygroup in Belgium and was awarded the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary Commemorative Overseas Akane Teshigahara Award for her studies and efforts to widen the knowledge of ikebana. She is also the author of two ikebana books, "Exploring Ikebana" and "Inspiring Ikebana".

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access?

You will get access from the moment you subscribe. We will email you a username and password.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

You can cancel anytime. For the monthly subscription you can cancel monthly. If you have chosen the yearly subscription you got a reduction of 20%. And you can cancel yearly.

I never did any ikebana. Is a membership interesting for me?

Yes, it is. There are courses for all levels from beginners to advanced. If you feel lost in all the different modules, just let us know and we put you on the right track.

I am already a student with a local teacher. Are these courses interesting for me?

We certainly think so. It is a great tool to review techniques and arrangements you have learned with your teacher at home. If you do not have a local teacher yet, we recommend looking for one. It will help you to learn faster.

Can I watch the classes everywhere?

You can watch the classes on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, but you will need an internet connection.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you subscribe and across all devices you own. You will also have access to courses which we will post in the future.

Will you post new videos and classes?

We will be posting new classes regularly. In average I publish a new course with about 4 lessons every month.

Can I get certificates following your class?

If you want to get certificates or advance as a teacher, you will also need to follow classes with a licensed teacher. I can help you find one in your neighborhood. If you cannot find one, you are welcome at my international classes which I regularly organize.

Embrace the Ikebana Journey: Choose Your Path

🔻Exclusive Annual Subscription Offer! 🔻

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